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Triacastela is a municipality of approximately 51 km² located in the province of Lugo, Sarria region and judicial party of Becerreá. It is 54 km from the provincial capital and is a must stop for the pilgrim to Santiago since the thirteenth century, as the Codex Calixtino relates.

The toponym itself, “Tria Castella”, seems to refer to three castles that today are not preserved, but which do appear engraved in the bell tower of Triacastela, although it could also refer to three castros: Triacastela, Lagares and San Adrián. At present, there are very important finds at the Cova Eirós site, which demonstrate the settlement of the area by Neanderthals, which means that since Prehistory these lands were the main step for human migrations.

The current town of Triacastela, Vilanova de Triacastela, was founded by King Alfonso IX in 1228. During the nineteenth century their lands were stages of struggle against Napoleonic troops and Carlist confrontations.

Its rugged relief forms a typical mountain landscape since it is situated geographically in the foothills of the Galician Eastern Sierras. It limits to the north with the municipalities of Láncara and Becerreá; to the south and the west with Samos; and to the east with As Nogais and Piedrafita de O Cebreiro.

The municipal term of Triacastela is conformed by eight parishes: To Balsa, Cancelo, Lamas, Monte, Santalla, Toldaos, Triacastela and Vilavella, by which they distribute some thirty nuclei of population.

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MUNICIPAL FAIR: In the square of the Town Hall of Triacastela.
Day 28 of each month.

CRAFTS FAIRS: Holy Saturday.


FESTIVITIES OF THE MONTH OF JUNE: Day 13 Festivity of San Antonio (Meizarán, Vilar and A Balsa).
Day 29 Feast of San Pedro (Biduedo).

FESTIVITIES OF THE MONTH OF JULY: Day 25 Feast of St. James the Apostle (Cancelo).

FESTIVITIES OF THE MONTH OF AUGUST: Day 15 Festivity of the Virgin (Sta Mª do Monte and Vilavella).
Day 17 Feast of San Mamede (San Mamede and Triacastela).

FESTIVITIES OF THE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER: First Sunday Festival of San Adrián (Santalla de Alfoz).
Second Sunday Romería of the Virgin of Carmen (Lamas de Biduedo).
Third Sunday Festival of the Virgin of the Remedies (The Interns).

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